Tor Gudmundsen, PE

Mr. Gudmundsen has over 30 years of experience in the Planning, Design, Project Management, and Construction Management of Civil Engineering and Land Development Projects on Guam and throughout Micronesia. As TGE’s Principal Engineer, He has been responsible for Planning, Design, and Construction Phase Services for a wide range of projects involving roads, site development, airports, water, sewer and storm drain utility infrastructure, major earthwork, treatment plant facilities, residential subdivisions, high voltage transmission lines, underground power conversion projects, wharf facilities, solid waste facilities, bridges, POL facilities, dredging, diving inspections, utility and resources studies and runways.

As the firm’s former Construction Manager, he has also been responsible for Construction Management and Site Inspection of power, sewer, and marine port projects with construction costs up to $15 million.

Mr. Gundmundsen’s satisfied clients include Government of Guam agencies, the Department of the Navy, the Department of the Air Force, Architects, Engineers, Contractors, and Private Clients on Guam and throughout Micronesia.